Sunday, August 15, 2010


Miss Priss started Kindergarten this week!

OH, she has been so excited for this!

Here are some pics of the "big day"!


I'll take the blame for the poses: I totally did that when I was five, too.

Pretty brown-eyed girl.

Huge backpack for a little girl, I know. But I wanted to her be able to grow with it.

The school gave us these stickers so the bus drivers and teachers would know where to direct them.

Going out to the bus stop. It's right in front of our house. 


SAD, sad, sad.
I know.
Broke my heart.
She did this the first two days but didn't the rest of the week.
I felt it was best, overall, for her to ride the bus.
I think the mornings would be MUCH more stressful for everyone if I had to take her.
More yelling and nagging by me, more fussing by everyone, bleh. 
Having to wake up both boys from naps to pick her up. More bleh.
So even though I hated seeing this sad, sad will be better overall.

To offset the sad:
Adorable red, wet baby lips, fuzzy hair and blue eyes!
All better. :)

I have to also record this sweet memory about the night before Miss Priss' first day of school:

Both Jonathan and I grew up with the tradition of our father's giving us a Father's Priesthood Blessing before we started the school year, so we wanted to continue that tradition with our children. 

So for Family Home Evening Jonathan gave Miss Priss her first and his first Father's School Blessing. 

It was a beautiful blessing. Miss Priss was (unusually :) reverent during the whole thing.  Jonathan pronounced inspired words telling her of our love and her Heavenly Father's love for her. He blessed her to be a light, a good example, to those around her. He blessed her to be a delight to her teacher.

Afterwards Jonathan and I had a tender moment with Miss Priss, hugging our sweet girl and basking in the Spirit of the Lord that was there, confirming our love and the love of the Lord for her precious spirit.

We could tell that Miss Priss had felt something special, too, as she smiled through her tears. I asked her, "How do you feel?" And she said, "Happy." I told her that what she was feeling was the Holy Ghost telling her how much her Heavenly Father loved her.

It was a sweet, sweet moment that we will never forget.

We love our little girl!


Brian and Janette said...

So are you gonna post the picture of YOU crying on her first day of school, too? Ha ha ha... Can't believe you have a kindergartner...seems like it's so far away for us, but I know better than to believe that.

Natalie said...

Oh my gosh Candace I can't believe you have a kindergartener! How crazy! SHe is absolutely gorgeous! I just can't believe that sad face. It was VERY sad and definitely broke my heart too! Thank heavens that only lasted 2 days!!!

K Harker said...

Awwwh! Her sad face is breaking my heart. I hope she likes it now?

E still gets a little hesitant to take the bus even after doing it for a whole year last year. I think what makes it easier is that she has made friends on the bus and sits by them almost every day, that helps.

Your little miss priss is such a big girl, I can't believe it!

Allison @ Allie Browns Layouts said...

How happy for you and Hannah for Kindergarten! Hooray!

My my heart a c h e d for her when I saw that pic of her on the bus! I wanted to cry myself!

But like you said, sometimes it's just gotta happen that way. Since Courtney doesn't go to the school she's assigned to (because the school she's supposed to go to...well...we just don't like it--don't want to say why we don't like it for fear of offending a reader of this comment) so I have to take her to school in the morning and pick her up. She would love to ride the bus and I would LOVE for her too!

School starts a week from today for us! We're excited!

And Carter is tooooooooo cuuuuuuute! I can't wait to meet him!

Allison @ Allie Browns Layouts said...

Ok, and I love your cousin Ryan. Thanks for having his music on your blog. I got on here (the computer) to listen to some music and the only music I have on here isn't something I wanted to listen to; uplifting! They are all fast, loud, and some cuss words here and there music.

So it was a coincidence to hop on here to comment about sweet Hannah, hear Ryan's voice and just feel that "Awwwwwwww!" The big sigh as if my spirit is being fulfilled with music that it was craving, that is good for it and calming and won't bring the wrong spirit in the house. I can listen to this while the kids are watching cartoons too! Normally they're like, "MOOOOOOOOOOM! Turn down the music!" But they are super fine with it!

Score? YES!

Thank you Ryan! :D

Breeana said...

Awww, loved the father's blessing story! And makes sense to take the bus... waking up two boys from sweet slumbers would not be fun.

I hope she loves it!

Mom said...

What a cute post! Hannah is SO photogenic and adorable, and looks so sweet in her little boots. It sounds like she is off to a really good start. How fun for all of you!