Sunday, December 11, 2011

A Perfect Brightness of Hope

Today we attended our "Stake Conference" which, for those who may not know, is a bi-annual meeting for all the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints congregations, or "wards," within a specific area. We get to hear talks or sermons prepared by a handful of members of the stake and counsel from our Stake leadership and a presiding "General Authority" from church headquarters in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Every single talk was outstanding and inspired me SO much to be a better disciple of Jesus Christ.

But there were two talks, in particular, that stood out to me personally; they were given by two teenagers from our Stake, a young woman and a young man, about 16-18 years old.

And it wasn't even what they said today that stood out to me.

It was simply who I could see that they were as young people: faithful, virtuous, full of integrity and a strong desire to do their Heavenly Father's will.

I couldn't help but hope that my own children would someday grow up to be like them.

My greatest, innermost yearning as a mother is for my children to come to know their Savior as their Redeemer and choose to follow Him in faith.

I want my children to be happy and I have a firm belief that a person's greatest potential for joy in this life is by following Jesus Christ.

The reason this topic is so close my heart is because we are being very challenged as parents right now, especially by our Miss Priss. She is 6 years old going on 24 and thus has us enrolled in "Parenting 505." Definitely graduate level parenting, as we often have no idea how to best handle her behavior.

She is such a strong and bright spirit and I know that if we are able to steer her in the right direction she will do amazing things with her life.

Seeing these outstanding youth gives me great hope for Miss Priss and all of my children. I just hope and pray that I am not screwing them up with all my weaknesses as a mother.

I'd like to have a good sit down with their parent's and ask what their children were like as 6 year olds...

...what I would LOVE to hear is that they, too, were challenged as their parents but that all of their best efforts to love and teach them was not in vain.

Until that meeting happens...I will continue to, as an ancient prophet, Nephi, wrote in the Book of Mormon: " forward with a steadfastness in Christ, having a perfect brightness of hope..."

Hope for my precious children.


Click Clan said...

GAvin is super duper difficult for me too! He is soooo stubbord. And I often feel that IF he uses his stubborness for good, then he will be GREAT. BUT if he uses it to rebel, then all hell will break loose!!! I pray daily that he will use it for GOOD!!!

Isn't is sooooo hard to be a mom. SHEESH, why didn't anyone tell us ;)

Tiffany said...

I love this post. And you.

Brian and Janette said...

Keep filling your cup with the right ingredients (scriptures, self-care, etc), pray like mad, and the answers will come. Probably not immediately...but they will. In the mean time, know that you are loved and definitely not alone!

Em said...

I remember when Ethan was 2 and driving me absolutely bonkers and I heard a talk at Time Out For Women where she said not to look at a green tomato and give up. Children take a long time to get ripe. :) I remember that really helping me! Hang in there! I have no doubt that you are doing amazing things and that Hannah will come to love the things you love!
Love. You. Tons.