Sunday, August 29, 2010

You're Great Aunt Kate

My mom's sister, Katie, recently moved within 4 hours of us to be close to her fiancée, Brad, and we just HAD to make a trip to visit with her and meet Brad! So we planned a Saturday and met half-way in Fort Wayne, IN. We had planned on meeting at the zoo but it was rainy so we re-routed to a local bowling alley. Here's our fun little trip in pictures!
Mr. Squish warming up to Aunt Katie.

Just took a little gum from Aunt Katie and he warmed right up! :)
We did actually bowl a little....but it was secondary to visiting & passing around Mr. SweetSweet.
Cute lil' size 7 bowling shoes!

Yay for P.D.A. in bowling shoes!
Miss Priss is the queen of self-portraits! I love her eye lashes and dimples in this one.

Notice the cute features of Mr. Squish: ear on his right, dusty blue eyes (like my dad's), long feather duster eye lashes, squishy button nose, soft squishily kissable cheeks.

Miss Priss captured this one! I like it.

I just can't get over how adorable this boy is.

Self shoe portrait by Miss Priss. :)

Hamming it up on the way home.

Mr. SweetSweet was poopy (I didn't know it at the time), wet from spilled milk, sleep deprived from refusing to nap, snotty nosed....basically....not a happy camper on the way home! :(

Another great on captured by Miss Priss! A great one of both Katie and Brad. What a cute couple.

Thanks to Katie & Brad for making the trip!
We are thrilled for you guys!
Looking forward to many more visits over the next two years while we're close!


Allison @ Allie Browns Layouts said...

How fun! I loved the photos! I loved the closeup of the little Miss(it reminded me of Courtney)!

And I loved the pic of Mr. SweetSweet.

Has Jun gained weight? He looks fuller in the face. And we all know that for Jun to gain weight is a GOOD THING.

Erin said...

I think I know her...well, I think she sang in our ward in Silver a couple times when I was in high school.

That's exciting she's engaged!