Friday, February 25, 2011

A Planned Surprise


…which is code for…

There’s another adorable Evans baby on the way!

Yes, it is true!

Yes, it was planned!

Yes, it was a surprise!


Let me explain….No, there is too much…Let me sum up.”

The “original plan” for Evans baby #4 was for AFTER we finished dental school.

But then in December we thought I may be pregnant (which I wasn’t) but this opened the door to being “okay” with having a baby earlier than expected.

So…the seed was planted in the mind of this Mama.

Not to mention that Mr. SweetSweet has been such a delight that he is not very good birth control.

So we made the decision to invite a new spirit into our family…on purpose this time!

And we have been so abundantly blessed with ZERO fertility problems that Baby #4 accepted our invitation in a very prompt manner.

So I am now 10ish weeks along with an estimated time of arrival being near the end of September (my birthday, September 26th, would be fun!).

I have been moderately nauseated but am hoping this pregnancy follows suit with the others, which all cut the nausea crap around 13 weeks. (PLEASE??!)

Miss Priss is ecstatic!!!! (!!!!!!)

Mr. Squish is still processing it.

Mr. SweetSweet, of course, doesn’t have a clue. But he can say baby (“bah-bah”), so it’s a start.

Mr. Evans is “anxiously excited.”

I concur with Mr. Evans.

And that is the best I can “sum up.”


Mom said...

YAY! We are SO excited, too! I'm glad things are going well with your pregnancy as well as with the rest of the family.

Allison @ Allie Browns Layouts said...

*GASP* wasn't expecting such exciting news!! That's great! Congrats to you! The baby will be blessed to be in such a good home. You guys are awesome.

Cody said...

How exciting, Candace!! And what a blessing to just get pregnant right away upon deciding to. It took us about 6-7 months this second time around and it was scary! How neat to have four little ones. And we're due close to the same time! I'm end of August. :) I hope your latest addition surprises you on your birthday - that'd be fun. Congrats!

kelly said...

HOORAY! That's so awesome :) What a fun "surprise"!! SO glad you posted here because I miss seeing what's going on with you on Facebook. How far apart will Mr. Squish and #4 be? We're hoping our #2 and #2 will be about 27 months apart... based on when we're hoping (*fingers crossed!*) to conceive #4. You're such an inspiration to me of continuing your family while in school. If you can do it, and do it happily, as you seem to do most of the time, and you're just a regular human like the rest of us... maybe I can do it too? EEK! Exciting! :) Thanks for the post, Candace!

Brian and Janette said...

A very succinct summary of some very happy news! You guys inspire me. But right now, I have to admit...I'm just feeling ready to get #2 here and starting to feel myself again! Sigh...only four more weeks!

Scott and Jamie said...

Congrats! Hope you get to feeling better soon.

Martha said...

Yay!! Another cute little Evans baby is always welcome in our world. = ) So glad you're feeling okay and that all has gone as planned in a round about way. Lol! We love & miss you all!

Christina LeSueur said...

Congrats! We are so excited for you. Hope your nausea ends earlier than later! That is so miserable to feel yucky.

Click Clan said...

CONGRATS. Life is so much easier when you feel "inspired" rather than "oooops"!!!

I have a friend who is prego with baby#7. Her oldest will only be 9 when #7 is born! chin up. At least you are only on #4!!!


DawnSheree said...

Aw man, I was hoping to catch up to you. :) j/k Maybe only for a couple of months right? That's exciting.