Monday, May 30, 2011

Simple Family Fun


Amazing how much fun you can have with just an empty church parking lot,

PB sandwiches and other picnic staples and lots of sticks!



Little boys never really grow up in some ways….


Teaching our children some important skills with a magnifying glass…

I am so proud.


STICKS. The little boy’s most basic and loved toy!


See also: ROCKS



Cute kids with their handsome Daddy!


Me and my FOUR kiddos!

Ages almost 6, 4, 18 months and 22 weeks.


I love this man.


Sometimes you just gotta let your kids eat Doritos.

We knew the day was a success when Hannah said, before bedtime, “This was a really fun day!” :)


The Other Oyler's said...

SO CUTE! Glad you guys had a fun day off of school! Your little baby bump is adorable! I have to give you props on being such a good picture taker even after 4 kids, I am already horrible with my first!

Kimberly said...

Many times the simple fun is the best kind of fun! I love the pic of Jonathan on the little girl bike, ha ha!
I think it's awesome how you celebrated Memorial Day! Great idea. Love the pic of Hannah with the flag under the big, shady tree. She's looking so grown-up and looks so much like her mommy!

Mom said...

What a fun, simple and inexpensive idea for family-togetherness!!! I LOVED all the pictures.I CANNOT believe how big Carter has gotten...he's a regular little boy already!