Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Few Days Home

**Executive decision to change Cupcake's blog name to "Lil' Sis"**

Okay, so I know I'm not doing a very good job finishing my birth story...but I don't think you'd understand something like this: 

"So the next thing that happened with Lil' Sis' birth is
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Above is an excerpt of what I am capable of writing right now.....a few lines.....and then my head crashes on the keyboard because I am currently on a strict every-two-hours-around-the-clock feeding schedule for Lil' Sis, since she needs lots of help gaining back to her birth weight. So that means after her feedings, which take an hour to complete with changing diaper(s), burping, spitting up, bottle and breastfeeding....I have an hour of sleep before I get to do it all over again. YEAH. I am beyond tired.

So..."the rest of the story" WILL come...but you'll just have to be a tiny bit patient.


But here are some picture of the first few days home to enjoy! I can do that. :)

Going home! In her "gender neutral" outfit.
A warm welcome from the big sister and brothers!
Mr. SweetSweet opening his gift "from" Lil' Sis. :)
A glow worm! I got a glow worm from my parent's when my 2nd brother was born. :)
First thing he does it share it with his little sister! CUTE.
Mr. Squish's present from Lil' Sis.
Present for Miss Priss.
The much coveted "shirt with a necklace on it" that all her 1st grade friends have. She has LOVED it!!
Cute little car race track!  I love finding wooden toys.
Mr. SweetSweet gave his sister this car to "play" with. :)
Lil' Sis with her "Bili Blanket" to bring down those darn bilirubin levels!! She was on it for 3 days.
It was a pain-in-the-rear to keep her hooked up to it 24/7....
....BUT I am very grateful she didn't have lay on a I could still snuggle her!
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Allison @ Allie Browns Layouts said...

Awww! I love all the pictures and I loved the gifts! Miss Priss (sorry if I get the names wrong), has the cutest shirt! Miss C would've LOVED that shirt. Seriously.

I love Mr. SweetSweet! He's so little and snuggable! And Biggest Bro is seriously Hubs Jr. They're too adorable and I wanna love and squeeze them all!

Especially Lil Sis. I hope you're doing good. I understand the overwhelming feeling you may be going through. That's a lot of work for you to keep baby at a good weight and help out the rest of the kids.

Man, we need to visit you! It's been too long!

We love you and I love your posts!

BTW--I love your cousin's music. His voice is like gold. :)

The Other Oyler's said...

Oh my gosh, my little guy is 10 wks today and I am already missing those first few days and snuggling him and feedings that take an hour long. Haha. She is so precious Candace. And her older siblings are too cute sharing with her!

Kimberly said...

That first pic of you and Lil Sis is so cute! You coulda fooled don't look tired at all! But yeah, the hour long feedings...hard. Hang in there!
I love that Mr. SweetSweet is sharing with her and loving his sister so much! It gives me hope! :D