Thursday, October 13, 2011


Since I've gotten a few "MORE PICTURES PLEASE!"'s a little glimpse of our today!

So sleepy getting ready to be swaddled.

Sleep Smiles!

Since Lil' Sis is a spitter...this is her "bed" for now! 

This binky is AWESOME!

I just swaddle her up and pop this binky in and she can usually put herself to sleep!!
She's been an excellent sleeper so far, YAY!!

Poor Mr. SweetSweet...he is banished behind the gate while I feed Lil' Sis...
...he just can't resist bugging her and ME when it's feeding time!

He's gotten a lot better about the screaming by the gate...
I think it has something to do with the fruit snack he gets when it's time for Lil' Sis to eat!
(Shhh! Don't tell his dentist! :)

Yep, that's a cloth diaper! We use about 50% cloth, 50% disposable and it saves us $$$!
Plus, they're cute! And since we've already been using them with Mr. SweetSweet for about a year
it's not a big deal adding them to his load of diapers.

"What are you doing, Mom?"

This is a smile...really! :)

Sweet girl.

Again...this really is a smile.

We love our pretty girl!

Can't forget Miss Priss!

...Or Mr. Squish...who is VERY excited about the SIX packages we got from today!
I was excited, too!! :)

Thanks for hanging out with us for the day!


Allison @ Allie Browns Layouts said...

Oh she is SO CUUUUUUTE! I just love little babies like that. They're so lovable! I just can't stand it!

And I could squeeze Sweet-Sweet all day long! That smile was just too cute. I miss Ikee being that little.

When you took a pic of yourself and put it on your FB and Sweet-Sweet was squeezing your leg I thought, "He's so cute and little! Just like Ikee!" And then I turned to look at Ikee and realized he's so much bigger than I think of him. And I started to cry! Because Ikee is getting so big and I'd do anything to have him be that little again. So I would love to give that little boy a squeeze and re-live the moment of when Ikee was that small. :)

What good photos! Your older two are getting so big as well! I can't believe it!

Love you guys! Hope you're doing good and I'm happy that the baby is sleeping good! Heaven knows we need that sleep. :D

The Other Oyler's said...

So fun. I love that binky thing, wish we had one when Kyle was younger! Your kids are adorable!

Heather said...

We love wubanub's here too! The twins got them in the NICU and now R has a giraffe one. So cute and a bit more stable. I am glad things are going well with the new babe.

Martha said...

Oh, Candace!! Baby Clara is AD-OR-AB-LE!! Thanks for sharing those pictures of her. I needed to get a good dose of cuteness today. = )