Monday, May 17, 2010

I don't wanna say it

"How do you say goodbye
When you never want it to end?
Why can't we just pretend
We'll never say goodbye."

This is my lovely friend, Emily Pond Ricks.
(Yes, shes' the one who's button is on my side bar. Click on it!)
Her husband is now officially Dr. Ricks, since he just graduated from dental school.
And now it's time for him to make some money BEING a dentist.
Which means Emily has to actually go WITH her husband to said job.
In Colorado.
And I am SOOOOO happy for them!

I just can't believe I have to say goodbye to her!
She has been my surrogate spouse, when Jonathan has been MIA.
Jonathan just became used to the idea that I WOULD be home late when I was with her.
We had the greatest talks.
The greatest laughs.
And cries.
We shared some amazing musical moments together,
with her as the vocalist and me as accompanist.

She has been my partner in crime these past two years.

I love her like a sister!

Which is why I don't feel like this goodbye will be forever.
So I'm not gonna say it.

***The poem above is actually the lyrics to a song I sang at a show choir camp in Ohio the summer before my Junior year of high school. Yeah, I know, random. But I haven't forgotten the song and it totally fit. So I used it. I don't know who wrote it, sorry. Please forgive me, Copyright police.***

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Rob and Mitzi said...


That is sooo funny that you used that song! I love the lyrics! the words often come to my mind. Seriously it says how I feel when I don't want to say goodbye. I'm sure I'll be feeling that way this time next year :(