Sunday, May 16, 2010

While the Boys Are Away...

I just have to say: I am VERY impressed with Jonathan. He broke our never-camping-with-our-children streak and I am very proud of him.

We had been holding out due to the fact that......Well, for starters we're kind of not adventurous, when it comes to taking our kids outside of our comfort zone.

We also don't have a lick of camping gear.

BUT this last weekend was the "Father & Son's" camp for our ward and Jonathan took David! 
The gear problem was solved by borrowing stuff (duh!).

As you can see, Miss Priss was also thrilled for them.


We are learning about being happy for other people and she is starting to get it.

But throwing Mr. Squish into that equation makes it especially difficult.
"Being happy for" him doesn't equate for her yet.

This is where being an awesome, fun, creative mom comes into play.
(I'd also like to acknowledge Chick-Fil-A and an Ariel nightgown that came with a wand and slippers from Kohl's, plus a 20% off coupon, for helping to make me awesome, fun and creative).

I'd also like to recognize Mr. SweetSweet for being, well, adorable.

Received this pic from Jonathan via his camera phone attempting bedtime in a tent with Mr. Squish.
Got a text a few hours later from Joanthan saying, "Attempting round two now that it is dark."

Jonathan & Mr. Squish came back safe and sound the next morning with a camping success story to tell!
We are now contemplating a family camping trip.
That is, after we purchase a tent and sleeping bags.


Kristine said...

We've termed our time at home "Mothers and Daughters" night/morning out.
My girls are as excited as the boys are. :)
This year we kept my littlest at home as we had a scae with the croup and the ER that morning...and we still had a wonderful time.
I'm so glad you're debating camping.
I love it...
We did give it up for a little while when we had 4 under 5. That was just a little too much work...
Go while Mr. SweetSweet is still not'll be much happier.

Mom said...

What a fun adventure! :-D Camping out...never one of my favorite things to do (so it's easy to see where Jonathan got it from :-P), but it is nice for Daddy to take his son to have some time to "bond" and for Mommy and daughter to do some fun things together, too. How wonderful that you are making a "teaching moment" to help Miss Priss learn the concept of being happy for others...a very important character trait that is sadly lacking in our competitive "me-me" society!

Brian and Janette said...

We still have yet to try a family camping trip--but one's coming up shortly and we can hardly wait!

Scott and Jamie said...

Fun stuff. I am NOT a camper, and either was my family growing up. But we have everything (tent, sleeping bags, hiking backpack) all thanks to Scott's parents for an engagement gift.

Erin said...

Camping with children sounds about the worst thing ever...DONT DO IT :) Okay, I'm biased, I hate camping in any form or fashion!

Glad you all survived the night :) I can't believe how big your kids are! They're adorable!