Sunday, May 9, 2010

Our Life -- April & May 2010 Style

Things can get pretty silly around here...

Miss Priss (who learned how to cross her eyes at 18ish months) 
showing off her pretty, but albeit goofy looking, brown eyes.

Okay. My kids NEVER do this. And...maybe it's because I'm usually the "Nap Nazi" and they usually don't even get a chance...but my Nap Nazi ways slackened up a bit when I was still in the adjusting to three kids stage. Pffft! Who am I kidding? I am STILL in the adjustment phase! But doing better with naps again.

But it's pretty cute anyway! Notice the half eaten granola bar and the beloved fire truck that Jonathan picked up at Goodwill for $2.

My blue-eyed little boys! But I love that their blues are totally different! Mr. Squish's blues are from my dad and Mr. SweetSweet's are from Jonathan's dad. I'm so glad they like each other.

Mr. SweetSweet tried out rice cereal around 4 months and wasn't too interested. Maybe it was the Bumbo. I heard rave reviews about it and picked this one up at "Once Upon a Child" (children's 2nd hand store) but Mr. SweetSweet hasn't really liked it much yet. But we're trying cereal again and he is now starting to dive bomb the I think he is now interested.

Annnnnd....of course there's just your everyday, run-of-the-mill shot of what's next to the kitchen sink.

You don't have a set of dentures made by a ridiculously handsome man in between your Lysol and Epsom salt?



Scott and Jamie said...

love the pics.... and for your question about the dentures: No, but we do have that purple cup next to our sing at the moment :)

Kim said...

I have the dentures.....and a bunch of other weird dental things that don't belong in the fact, my house seems to be bombarded with a bunch of dental items that I just don't want lying around.

The Other Oyler's said...

Yeah I am feeling left out. I don't even have dentures next to my sink :(