Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Cutest little tiger EVER!

Snow White doing her "teenager" pose. :)

The police officer did not realize he was standing right next to a bad guy...DARTH VADER!

Hats complete the get ups.

"I am your father."

A little Barney Fife action going on.

I would say "1, 2, 3!" before each picture and Darth Vader would start running. :)

Notice the tail. :)

Tuckered out Tiger.

A couple weeks ago our good friends, who have hosted a Halloween Party for our dental school class every year, put on a super fun Murder Mystery Halloween party, with the theme "Murder at the Circus." 
The Tattooed Spectacle and The Strong Man.

The boys in character.
The girls in character. That innocent looking clown was the murderer! 

Just chillin' after all the detective work was over. :)

Fun Halloween!! :)


Jenalee said...

I love Snow White's coy poses. That girl is definitely a drama queen

Martha said...

Aw, your kids are adorable! The cutest little tiger ever. And the boys just crack me up!! Miss Priss fits her name. = ) Spencer & I have done several murder mystery games with friends and we LOVE THEM! Your outfits are HI-LA-RI-OUS! Jonathan's shirt is killer... lol!! Sounds like it was a fun Halloween!! Love you guys.

Em said...

btw I saw these pictures a bit ago but just thought I would tell you today that they are AWESOME!! Our boys could have some killer light saber fights, I'm sure!!